BusinessWomen are all about Relationships so lets Protect them

August 8, 2022

Women are all about Relationships so lets Protect them

As women, we pride ourselves on the relationships that we are able to forge in both the workplace and at home. While most of these relationships may be based on strong emotional components that allow us to excel in our professional and private lives, we rarely consider the legal structures necessary to preserve and protect these relationships as well as ensure that they are in a position to flourish further.

Women are relationship “builders” and are often open to networking, both on a personal and professional level. Friendships are built over commonalties and can evolve into sharing things of a personal nature with co-workers or acquittances. These types of relationships, professional and personal, fuel open communication, good work ethic, trust, flexibility and a better understanding of each person’s roles and expectations but what happens when the relationship goes South? Both your work and home life can be negatively impacted, and the said relationship bruised or damaged and in extreme circumstances, completely severed. It’s for this reason that it is necessary to legally protect yourself.

Think of a legality as an additional and necessary warranty that guarantees one’s relationship adheres to strict structures that allow for the personal or professional relationship to stay afloat. An example of a legality would be a contract that binds two individuals where both would benefit. These relationships could be a professional employment relationship or a personal marriage union. These benefits are the reason each party enters into the agreement, with the hopes of carrying out a long-lasting and healthy association.

Legalities are deemed important because they ensure that the relationship sails smoothly. They exist to safeguard both parties by providing expectations and implementing boundaries. Legalities also promote fairness between parties that get into an agreement, ensuring there are no conflicts and ultimately contribute to success of the bond. With the use of legalities, professional and personal relationships stay positive and last longer.

Protecting yourself with the law can seem like an extreme thing to do especially when you have a personal relationship with the other party. Further, it could be daunting to think of the complex legal drafting, and let’s face it, expensive charges that come along with putting legalities in order should a lawyer be required. To keep things fairly simple and cost effective, one will need to draft a contact where both parties understand their roles and responsibilities. An agreement that benefits both parties and ensures that they are happy while simultaneously protecting the relationship is required.

A working relationship without a contract is not only at risk of falling apart but you might pay far more than you should by loosing out on potential benefits. In addition, you could find that you’ve exposed yourself to unnecessary business and financial risks, including costly lawsuits that would have all been avoided had you taken the time to contract accordingly. If all goes well, the contract is just another piece of paper. If you have any problems, the contract’s clear language automatically dictates how to resolve the matter in an amicable way.

Consulting a lawyer for help isn’t just a formality—it’s a way to protect your business and personal interests as well as avoiding expensive legal mistakes. A lawyer can guide you into finding the best possible result for yourself while being beneficial to the said “relationship”.

As more women are becoming business owners, financially independent and excelling in the corporate sphere, let’s make it a priority to become more deliberate in ensuring that, while we are natural relationship builders, we are also natural relationship “legal” protectors.


C-Suite is a 100% black woman-owned bespoke boutique legal firm specializing in the areas of social media and digital marketing.


C-Suite is a 100% black woman-owned bespoke boutique law firm specializing in the areas of social media and digital marketing.


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